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The Mentalism Show


If you're looking for a unique form of entertainment that is sure to be memorable for your mature audience, then look no further. Let Ron Martin into their minds.

Ron is based in the GTA and is one of Toronto’s sought after magical performers for corporate and theatre functions.  While people are familiar with a magician, fewer are familiar with what a mentalist does.  Over the past decade, Ron has honed his skills to be more interactive with his audience while creating a sense of amazement and wonderful theatrical moments while utilizing mentalism techniques. 

What Is a Mentalist?

The primary difference between Ron’s mentalism and magic is the visual tricks he selects, to perform.  A magician may change a playing card or have an object disappear from the stage and appear in the audience, but Ron’s goal is to make his audience believe he has psychic powers or the ability to read their minds.  Mentalism can almost be more impressive than magic because it is very human.


Now an experienced mentalist, Ron uses spoken language to tell stories and perform incredible feats that appear to be mind reading. By closely observing hir subject and making inferences based on subtle body language, he will direct the conversation in a way that seems unsettlingly mysterious— almost like he is reading your mind. Ron may be able to determine where you are from based on your clothing, accent and other factors. Then then use this information to infer life experiences.

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